SYRF partnering with NUMECA for FINETM/Marine seminar in Newport on May 10th


Newport, RI – The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with NUMECA to organize a FINETM/Marine seminar in Newport from May 10th-May 12th.

The 14M Project was conceived as a follow up from the 2015 SYRF Wide Light Project, which provided the design and research community with a means of validating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes against a towing tank model. By making public the hull surface files and rig dimensions, SYRF hopes that designers and researchers can once again collaborate to improve their understanding of CFD’s ability to accurately predict the performance of wide and light designs.

To help promote this collaboration, SYRF has partnered with with Numeca International for a free hands-on seminar about Numeca’s FINE™/Marine simulation software for marine design to be held at the New York Yacht Club on Wednesday, May 10th. An overview of FINE™/Marine capabilities and benefits for simulation in naval architecture will be presented by Benoit Mallol, product manager of the marine group at Numeca International.

This is a unique opportunity to also listen to industry leaders on how they take advantage of FINE™/Marine in their design process, with speakers including Len Imas from Oracle Team USA.

This day will feature live demonstrations with FINE™/Marine software that gives new users the chance to experience automated simulations during hands-on exercises. For those interested, this free introduction is followed by two days of intensive training on the use of FINE™/Marine.

“This is an exciting time for us,” says Steve Benjamin, Chairman of SYRF. “The completion of these studies after years of planning and research has yielded interesting and meaningful results that are being embraced by the global research and design community, which exactly fits our mission to advance the science behind sailboat performance. Our new website is also a refreshing and more interactive display of all that we do, so we look forward to more interest and traffic through this important portal to SYRF-supported projects.”

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