An overview of the SYRF platform

The SYRF Platform consists of four properties: LivePing,, and


LivePing stops the ping parade and handles OCS automagically.

LivePing is a free tracking app with the following capabilities:

  1. It provides a free way to crowdsource and broadcast the pin and the RC Boat locations to other LivePing users, Expedition, and starting instruments, thereby stopping the ping parade and providing a simple solution to OCS.
  2. It provides free tracking for regatta management platforms who lack the expertise to build their own tracking solution.
  3. It allows users to track themselves in a tracker that is custom built for wind sports.
  4. It creates races which are viewable on is the home of watching sailing on the web. is where you go to watch races. provides the following features:

  1. A player for races tracked with LivePing.
  2. A way to download all of a user’s tracks created with LivePing in industry standard formats (for analysis in 3rd party apps).
  3. An Expedition integration that sends race data(start line locations for instance) directly to an instance of Expedition running on the user’s machine.
  4. A search engine to find and watch live races from the most popular sailing trackers.
  5. A simple way to create regattas to track on LivePing. helps developers build with SYRF. is the home of our technical documentation. The documentation describes the APIs and processes to build software for four main use cases:

  1. Using SYRF accounts for Single Sign On/OIDC either as an authentication solution or to import tracking data from LivePing users.
  2. Integrating LivePing into an existing regatta management app to add tracking to your platform for free.
  3. Subscribing to real time updates of live races (for tactical apps or starting devices for instance).
  4. Pulling tracking, weather, and course data from finished races, for further analysis in 3rd party apps.

This documentation is intended for software engineers, data scientists or other folks who are comfortable writing code. is the home of the non-profit building technology to grow the sport. is the home of the organization who leads the development of LivePing, and This property hosts our blog and provides a means for us to solicit donations and keep the community up to speed on the big picture of our direction.

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