Newport, Rhode Island – The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is pleased to announce the addition of offshore multihull sailor Larry Rosenfeld to the organization’s Board of Directors.

Rosenfeld is an experienced software entrepreneur and has a strong sailing resume, having been the Navigator n many successful offshore racing boats, including Team Adventure, a 110-foot, 44-knot Multiplast catamaran in The Race, a non-stop, no-limits race around the world held in 2001. He is also Executive Director of the Team Adventure Educational Foundation which sailed the Route of Discovery, a transatlantic odyssey with school teachers on board. Both voyages form part of Team Adventure’s educational curriculum which integrated sailing, history and education in a dynamic program of interactive learning.

More recently Rosenfeld has been working closely with the Offshore Multihull Association (OMA), an organization that seeks to increase regatta participation by promoting fair and accurate ratings for purposes of scoring race events. He led the development of the MultiRule, a new handicap system that seeks to use large performance data sets, modern polar curve refinement methods and Performance Curve Scoring to establish ratings and scoring across multihulls of varied performance characteristics. He has been working on technology for the MultiRule and has developed both a mobile app for PCS and a highly accurate immersion measurement system for calculating the weight of large boats quickly and inexpensively.

“I’m excited to be part of SYRF and its mission to use science to improve handicap racing,” said Rosenfeld. “Modelling the performance of large multihulls is very difficult, so we have taken this empirical approach to get them competing on the water as much as possible while refining the ratings. The OMA is a great place to test theories that my be applicable in the future to the larger, more diverse world of monohulls.”

“At OMA we have a shared belief with SYRF in the value of transparency,” he continues. “The analyses which determine and refine our polar curves, the methods of determining boat weights and other particulars, and the inputs to and methods of PCS scoring are transparent to all OMA competitors.”

“We are fortunate to have Larry on board with us,” said SYRF President Jay Hansen. “His background and knowledge in Multihulls is important for this fast-growing sector of the offshore racing community.”