Let us introduce LivePing, the first app that crowd sources the location of the start line so that each boat doesn’t need to ping the ends.

It’s true – there are a lot of tracking apps out there. But let us enumerate the features of our tracker that no other tracker has:

  1. Crowd sourced start line pings stop the ping parade. Nominate one sailor to ping the ends and the rest of the fleet will get the updates in real time.
  2. Stream the start line ends into Expedition in real time.
  3. Synchronized timing across all devices in the fleet.
  4. No in-app purchases. No ad networks. We’re a non profit and we respect your privacy.
  5. Download your tracks and import them into any existing sailing analytics software.

Future updates will include real time streaming of the start line using dedicated phones/trackers, powerful chart, wind, current and line captain features.