SYRF Is Building the Future of Sailing

SYRF is the world’s only non-profit dedicated to solving the hardest challenges in the sport of sailing. Our mission is to tackle the hardest engineering challenges and apply them across the sport while fostering an ecosystem of innovative apps. We partner with developers, organizations, engineering firms and brands and leverage our considerable expertise in consumer technology, navigation science and of course, competitive sailing.

SYRF is a 501C(3)

Let’s face it: the sailing world is full of opinions and glitchy apps. Recognizing that software development is expensive, and that the sailing market is small, SYRF was founded to solve difficult engineering challenges in such a way that everyone can benefit. Our non profit status allows us to focus on solving problems, not on making sales. Being independent from other sailing organizations allows us to direct technology projects so that the entire ecosystem benefits. Our ranks are staffed with some of the most accomplished sailors, engineers and entrepreneurs on the planet and our mission is simple: simplify competitive sailing.

SYRF is not another rating rule—it is instead a foundation that seeks donations to fund cutting-edge, science-based tools to accurately predict the performance of sailing yachts in varying conditions. Current projects include low cost, high correlation simulation tools (aero and hydro models) for yacht performance and a unique method of weather analysis to solve the issue of weather’s effect on results. These projects, if successful, will represent a vast improvement in the available technology-driven tools to support the efforts made by rating authorities to publish accurate science-based rules and ratings.

“The research that SYRF supports can be very valuable,” said Alessandro Nazareth, Chairman of the International Technical Committee of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC). “For example, providing a library of performance data from race boats is a useful tool in refining and validating the VPP.”

SYRF has also helped developed apps to allow rule makers to permit competitors to see real-time corrected positions on their smart phones while racing—no more guessing who is leading or who has won, transforming the end user experience and reducing the scoring burden on event organizers.

More accurate, lower cost, transparent rating tools coupled with real time scoring will lead to “fairer” and better racing, which in turn will encourage higher levels of participation. SYRF therefore needs the continued support of all those who favor a fair, honest and transparent approach to handicap racing.

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Board Members

Stan Honey

SYRF Chairman (2017-present), USA

Scott Weisman

SYRF Treasurer

Jay Hansen

SYRF President (2017-present), USA

Dina Kowalyshyn

Naval Architect, CDI Marine, USA

Gary Weisman

Former President North Sails, USA

Jon Weisbaum

SYRF Technical Director, ex-Google.

Larry Rosenfeld

SYRF Executive Director