Annapolis, Maryland — SYRF Board member Larry Rosenfeld, Executive Director McKenzie Wilson, and Communications Director Dobbs Davis were on hand last week at the US Naval Academy to support the 23rd triennial edition of the Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium (CSYS). Over 70 researchers, students, sailors and consultants from all over the world were on hand for two days of presentations on topics ranging from the highly technical to those being of more general interest.

Past SYRF research from the Wide Light Project was used in some of this work presented, and Wilson gave a presentation on the START app currently in development. The concluding social event held at the Severn Sailing Association was sponsored by SYRF to bring together all attendees in a more casual setting. Over the following three days all three met with representatives of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) to discuss the new ORCmh multihull rating project, and to discuss with ORC’s International Technical Committee possible areas of cooperation and support of further research in ORC’s VPP development. “This was a productive time in Annapolis,” said Rosenfeld. “Its encouraging to see the progress we are making and the enthusiasm others have for our work.” SYRF