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SYRF is a 501 c(3) dedicated to modernizing the sport of sailing and pushing the boundaries of sailing technology. We build platforms that help sailors manage their data, help developers build killer apps, help organizations monetize their memberships, and help scientific and engineering firms reach consumer markets. We’re staffed by some of the most accomplished sailors in the world as well as engineers from companies like Oracle and Google.

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Whether you’re a developer, club, or established company, we can help grow your capabilities.


SYRF APIs allow developers to quickly build apps with the most advanced features on the market. Our APIs provide: - the most privacy conscious, GDPR compliant and accurate cell phone tracking on the market. - Easy authentication and identity management. - The best nautical chart APIs for web and mobile apps. - Real time scoring and umpiring. - Non opinionated: we tell you what happened not how to handle it.

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SYRF helps organization modernize. We handle everything from helping you grow your membership to helping you monetize and build custom apps. If we can’t help you, we’ll introduce you to one of our numerous developer partners who can.

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Technology Partners

SYRF has the web and mobile development expertise that your company is searching for. We get it: you’re an expert in a highly technical field but you need help reaching a consumer audience. We can help you reach that audience by integrating with our APIs or building a custom solution for you.

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Thank You

SYRF would like to thank the generosity of the following people who share the vision to support the science of sailing:

Founder Level:

Terry Kohler

Mini Maxi level:

Rob Alexander and Heidi and Steve Benjamin

Offshore level:

Stephen Cucchiario, Kent Haeger, Greg Slyngstad, Jim Vos

Inshore level:

Heidi and Steve Benjamin, Pam and Jay Hansen, Phil and Wendy Lotz, Scott and Ginny Weisman

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